Newborn pamflet unflat


Photographing newborn babies is a real passion! While patience is the name of the game, it is really rewarding to capture these little ones while they are still so little!! These memories will warm your heart for ever!

I find it best to photograph newborns on about 7 days or earlier. The older babies get, the more they want to be awake, and the longer it takes to get them back to sleep. Sleeping newborn are most beautiful to photograph and the easiest too.

I have outfits, props backgrounds and lights at my studio. I can also come out to your house and bring most of it with me, although not everything can fit into my car. I can quote you for a call-out and travel fee.  Many clients find this most convenient.

Safe poses, keeping baby happy and comfortable and content is of great importance to me.  If we have to wait for baby to feed or to sleep, that it what we do.

The newborn shoot generally takes 2-3 hours. After 3 hours, I give you the option of over-time, charged per 30 min, after the 3 hours.